2020 Class Schedule

March 7-14

March 14-21 

Deadline for Registration is January 31, 2020

This course is designed for those individuals that desire training to operate a research vessel for themselves, their school or employer. Participants will learn how to operate a 36' research vessel setting long lines offshore and a 25' research vessel setting tangle nets inshore. All participants will learn how to safely and proficiently operate the vessels while setting and retrieving gear/animals. The following topics will be taught during the class:

Basics of Navigation

Navigating using GPS

Radio Operations

Engine Types and Uses

Basic Boat Operation including markers/signage

Rules of the Road

Safety Briefings

Safety Equipment

Safety Drills including man overboard, fire and severe injury drills


Trailering* - both launching and retrieving vessels

Types of Boat Operator/Captain positions available 

Turtle Gear (required for some research permits)

Diesel Maintenance

Outboard Maintenance


Weather/Storms and sediment distribution changes

Setting and Retrieving Long Lines

Setting and Retrieving Tangle Nets

Safe handling of live animals

* To participate in the trailering portion of this course you must have a valid U.S. drivers license .

NOTE: This is an intensive class with long days both in the classroom and out on the vessels. Be prepared to spend approximately 10 hours per day with this course.

Registration: To register please complete and submit the application below. After submitting the application pay the $249 deposit which will be deducted from the course fee. You will then receive a confirmation and welcome packet for the class. If the class is full you will receive a notification email and a return of your deposit. 

​Course Fee: $975

There are only sixteen spaces available on a first come, first served basis.