Shark Satellite Tag Sponsorship 

This satellite tag sponsorship is being held in conjunction with

The Moore Center for Marine Conservation a nonprofit.

All sponsorships are tax deductible and all sponsorship fees are paid directly to the non-profit. Sponsorships include naming rights to the shark tagged, a biography on the shark including where it was tagged, measurements, sex, type of capture, GPS tracking information for the shark and any Cruising for Conservation benefit listed.

** All donors that select to come out on the research boats or participate in the summer program must be 18years old or older. Participation regardless of days attended does not include housing, or transportation to the marina. 

Note: All sponsorships will pay for the purchase of a fin mount GPS satellite tag which is donated to The Moore Center for Marine Conservation and will be the property of the non-profit. Shark names may be rejected if they are deemed inappropriate or copyright protected.