The Coastal Marine Education and Research Academy provides field research experience and hands on learning opportunities to college students and other interested adults. We are currently conducting research on sharks and rays near Clearwater, Florida. Participants conduct all aspects of the research including tagging, data collection and setting/retrieving all gear. We do not keep or intentionally kill any animals. Our mortality rate is the best in the country at less than 1%!

Students come from over 175 colleges and universities throughout the United States. If you want to participate in a shark research internship then this is the place to be!

International students have come from Mexico, Norway, China, Sweden, Indonesia, Korea, Colombia, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, England and Scotland.

!!! Be a part of this exciting opportunity this summer !!!

Summer Program


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Tropical Marine Ecology - Costa Rica Class - Dec 2019

Cruising for Conservation

Marine Conservation Conference  Jan 2020

Coastal Marine Education and Research Academy

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. INVOLVE me and I LEARN.

- Benjamin Franklin

Research Vessel Operators Course - Dec 2019